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“Your body possesses the ability to heal, but we need to establish a bond between the mind and body”

- Riley Rees, Episode #1






Strengthening the Parent-Child Relationship

Strengthening the Parent-Child Relationship

The parent-child relationship is important for healthy brain development, nurturing family bonds, and understanding child development stages.

Debunking Sexual Health Myths

Debunking Sexual Health Myths

Is discomfort normal during sex? Is it good being 'tight'? Is sex supposed to be just like in the movies? Dr. Rose debunks these and other sex myths.

A Veteran's Path to Holistic Healing

A Veteran's Path to Holistic Healing

Mike, an Air Force Veteran, beat his alcohol addiction using holistic healing, tapping into mind-body connection to achieve change.

What is hypnobirthing and how does it work?

What is hypnobirthing and how does it work?

Hypnobirthing utilizes self-hypnosis to manage breathing and pain naturally during childbirth, also reducing the fear of delivery.

What is so special about Manuka Honey?

What is so special about Manuka Honey?

Join us in this episode as we dive into the world of honey and its antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The three dimensions of Burnout Syndrome

The three dimensions of Burnout Syndrome

Discover what burnout is, its dimensions, how to recognize it, and how to prevent it with Dr. Kimbi Marenakos.

The Art of Dealing with Grief

The Art of Dealing with Grief

Understand emotions, seek support, and embrace individuality when dealing with grief. Find out more with Jason's tips.

How to change your mindset using Neuro Tools

How to change your mindset using Neuro Tools

Learn new ways to change your mindset with Deb Erickson. Transform your reality and take control of your life.

Building Resilience with Somatic Therapy

Building Resilience with Somatic Therapy

Find out how mind-body techniques can relieve pent-up tension impacting emotional and physical health.

A Holistic Approach to Increase Fertility  featured

A Holistic Approach to Increase Fertility

Discover how to improve your chances of conceiving naturally and boost fertility with Dr. Jane Levesque.

How to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits  feat

How to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

Explore sustainable nutrition and discover how it helps us find balance in our lives with nutritionist Diana Weil.

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Managing Chronic Disease

Gain valuable insights from Dr. Beier's wealth of personal experiences and get tips on managing chronic health conditions.

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Meet your host

Riley Rees

As a former United States Air Force Veteran and a combat medic turned C-17 pilot, Riley understands the importance of taking care of your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

That's why she founded Sofia Health, a platform that removes barriers and makes it easier to find health and wellness professionals. Join Riley as she shares inspiring stories of healing and empowerment on Sofia Unfiltered.







Meet your co-host

Lauren Dyche

Lauren Dyche is a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and also podcaster, educator, and writer who aims to empower people to live a healthier and more authentic lifestyle. She struggled with burnout and health issues but regained her health through holistic approaches. She is now passionate about helping others avoid the same experience and encourages them to walk a different path. In her free time, she enjoys exploring, drinking coffee, and taking naps.


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