When Can I Expect to Receive My Order?

Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your order if you ordered a physical product. After you place your order, we work behind the scenes to ensure you get your order as soon as possible. The seller can send you a message via Sofia Health with the tracking number once your order is shipped. 

The majority of Sofia Health sellers ship their orders within a few days of purchase. There are times when the seller may have unforeseen circumstances that prevent them from shipping immediately. If the seller remains unresponsive and the order is not shipped within 7 days, buyers will be able to cancel the order on their end on the 8th day after purchasing. We recommend communicating with the seller directly.



If you are unsatisfied with your order, you may be able to return or exchange your item depending on the seller's policy

Sellers are not required to accept a return or exchange unless stated in their shipping and returns policy located in their FAQs. If the seller accepts returns, be sure to message with them to determine the return address, time frame they agree to accept the return, and who will pay the cost of shipping. 

What are seller policies?

Each seller on Sofia Health is responsible for their own policies and FAQs regarding refunds, exchanges, and returns on products and services sold. Policies vary from store to store.

Before purchasing be sure to review each seller's policy. You can find their shipping and return information in the product FAQ section. If you have questions, message the seller directly before making the purchase.