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Sofia Health is your out of the box business solution that also helps clients connect to you!

The Largest Health & Wellness Practitioner Network

Sofia Health helps consumers take control of their health. Our network brings hundreds of professionals together in order to offer the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health consumers deserve.

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Health and wellness, minus the friction

Clients are searching for health and wellness solutions every day. But long directories full of names are not helpful when it comes to solving their problems.

It's impossible to find you and connect. Here's why:

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The Search

Directories with business hours work great, but not in health and wellness.
alternative health titles

The Titles

Wellness titles are not universal & can have different meanings. Until they are as commonplace as 'physician', titles do not provide enough context on the value of the services you provide.
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The Scheduling

In addition to finding you, the next big headache for your potential clients is the process of scheduling and communicating with you. 


Why Join Sofia Health? 

We provide the tools you need so clients can find, book and message you -- easily. Don't be burdened by technology or marketing. 

get online
Get Online

Set up your professional website and let clients know you are available to be booked online. List your services and hours. 

get booked
Get Booked

Use your personalized link to promote yourself online. Help clients to find and book your services.

get organized
Get Organized

Manage your schedule, your services, products all in one place.

get paid
Get Paid

Instantly accept credit card payments for services rendered.


Who is on Sofia Health?

Consumers demand a better approach to care. Individuals should be placed at the center of their care and have the flexibility to choose the intervention type and the practitioner type of their choice. We also believe consumers should have a team of health and wellness professionals to ensure they get the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual care they deserve!

Sofia Health is a digital platform that allows clients to connect with with physicians, health coaches, life coaches, wellness coaches, personal trainers and many more specialists!

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What Do You Get?

We've simplified the search so clients can find you, get detailed information on your services and book you -- on-demand. We built Sofia Health with your needs in mind, to ensure your prospective clients get all the information they need to make an informed decision about their care. 

Our Sofia Health practitioners get exclusive access to:


Customizable webpage

online scheduling


client payments


client messaging


intake forms

Intake Forms

virtual care

Virtual Care

Put Yourself in Your Clients Shoes 

Consumers are searching for a solution to a problem they have right now

Be Discovered

You have the solution! It just needs to be presented in a way that matches how and when your clients are searching.

Be Available

Convenience is crucial. Give your current and potential clients the ability to book you instantly.

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We Made Health Hassle-Free, and We Invite You To Join Us!

Sofia Health Places Individuals at the Center of Care

We put individuals at the center of their care to increase agency over their health and wellness journey. From simple questions to complex chronic illness, consumers can come to Sofia Health and find the right provider and intervention that meets their needs.

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Sofia Circles: A Referral Zone

Sofia Health is a community of professionals. We believe it takes a team to provide a comprehensive, 360o approach to care for an individual. We facilitate referrals to help you grow your professional network.

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Transparent, personalized care. It's about time.

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