Company Description

Sofia Health is a technology company providing business management tools for health and wellness providers. The marketplace delivers an accessible, seamless, and simple consumer experience for those searching for alternative, complementary, and holistic services and products.


Sofia on Campus Program Overview

Sofia on Campus is a college-based program dedicated to making health & wellness resources accessible and exciting for students. We believe in the concept of holistic health and prioritizing personal wellness. As a nationwide program, we are sharing our mission towards wellness to communities all over, and are looking for individuals who can help others become the best version of themselves.


Job Summary

Are you a young business enthusiast who is looking for a place to start a career? 

Sofia on Campus is presenting you with an open position as a Lead Campus Director Intern! We are looking for an enthusiastic intern to join our college campus department and provide creative ideas to help achieve our goals. You will be responsible for maintaining communication with all campuses and be the main form of contact for students. You will also be responsible for engaging leaders of campus programs.

Our ideal lead campus director intern should know the basics of college programs. Organization and great communication skills are huge advantages. As an intern, you will collaborate with our Sofia on Campus Team throughout all stages of monitoring schools and deliverables. Your insightful contribution will help develop, expand and maintain our growth.

You will be working with the Program Manager for the Sofia on Campus program daily and will have weekly meetings and report to the CEO of Sofia Health for feedback and educational sessions. As a new intern, we want to provide you with the space and resources to communicate with our on-campus teams. This role will give you the needed opportunity to showcase real metrics that will help you stand out against the competition as you look for your role post-graduation.

Our goal is to help you gain valuable insights into the importance of community outreach, startups, and entrepreneurship. All interns at Sofia Health will have an opportunity to interview for full/part-time positions based on company needs, culture, and quality of work performed during their tenure as interns.



  • Oversee all Sofia on Campus chapters. 

  • Responsible for recruiting to ensure continuity among the business development intern team.

  • Identify opportunities for growth and optimization via chapter expansion.

  • Monitor Trello and Google Drive for all Sofia on Campus chapters.

  • Ensure operations are running smoothly ie. live chats, blogs, and social posts.

  • Ensure all images/information on the website are accurate.

  • Collect feedback from all students on a regular basis. 

  • Ensure all deadlines are met by all leaders on campuses.

  • Assist on-campus team members in the completion of their required tasks. 

  • Provide promotional materials and presentations.

  • Help organize campus operations to be replicated in new schools.

  • Daily communication with the Sofia on Campus team.

  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout the duration of the internship. 



  • Basic leadership skills 

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Interpersonal skills to work with a wide variety of people, build relationships, and network;

  • Familiarity with social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok…)

  • Desire to learn along with professional drive.

  • Manage and update company databases and customer relationship management systems (CRM).

  • The ability to think strategically and develop comprehensive, data-driven successful recruitment plans.

  • A dedicated hard worker who is able and determined to win.

  • Creativity, energetic and willing attitude.

  • Flexibility and adaptability.

  • Fast learning, hard-working, and motivated personality.

Even Better to have

  • Experience and results you can show.

  • Health and wellness domain knowledge.

Additional Information

Hours are flexible based on availability. A commitment of approximately 10 hours(minimum) per week for a minimum of 16 weeks is desired. The position is remote and unpaid.

If you're interested in joining the team, send a cover letter and resume telling us why you are the perfect fit for the position!



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